Confronto dei margini del Grand Canyon

Margine occidentale

Grand Canyon West is the rugged, rustic alternative to the South Rim. Here, guests will be surrounded by unique vistas only found at the West Rim. Eagle Point offers a view of the majestic eagle formation naturally carved into the stone, considered sacred by the Hualapai Indians. Guano Point is a thin peninsula that allows visitors to walk out into the middle of the canyon and be surrounded on all sides by colorful canyon walls. Here, guests can also visit the Hualapai Indian Cultural Center and watch traditional singing and dancing as well as browse authentic crafts for sale. Tours to the West Rim can be done by airplane, helicopter, and even have options for boat rides and a stroll atop the world-famous Skywalk. The West Rim is also the only area of the park where helicopters can land below the rim. Scenic's Grand Voyager tour will take you to the West Rim by airplane, land on the canyon floor by helicopter, and take passengers down the Colorado River by boat - the best way to experience all the West Rim has to offer.

Caratteristiche del Margine occidentale:

  • Proprietà: Nazione indiana degli Hualapai
  • Altitudine: 4.800 piedi/1.463 metri
  • Profondità dal margine al fondo: 3.800 piedi/1.158 metri
  • Distanza tra la gola: 2-3 miglia/3-5 chilometri
  • Temperatura media sul margine: 95 °F in estate, 55 °F in inverno/35 °C in estate, 13 °C in inverno
  • Temperatura della gola interna: 108 °F in estate, 60 °F in inverno/42 °C in estate, 15 °C in inverno
  • Visitatori all'anno: 800.000 - 1 milione
  • Distanza da Las Vegas:
    • In auto - Circa 2,5 ore
    • In aereo - Circa 30 - 35 minuti
    • In elicottero - Circa 35 - 40 minuti

Margine meridionale

Grand Canyon National Park, also known as the South Rim, is the most recognizable area of the Grand Canyon. Its massive gorges have provided the classic depiction of the canyon on postcards, television, magazines, and in film. Here, the canyon walls stretch nearly 20 miles apart, offering sweeping views of the magnificently striated rock as far as the eye can see. These breathtaking sights make the South Rim the most highly-visited area of the park, boasting an average five million guests annually. Visitors can hike, take a mule ride, or enjoy a smooth river float. Many visitors may experience the canyon by air aboard an airplane or helicopter tour. Scenic offers Grand Canyon South Rim tours that give passengers breathtaking aerial views of the canyon expanse. The most popular excursion, the Grand Canyon Connoisseur tour, offers the opportunity to fly over the landscape by airplane, then stand along the edge of the rim upon landing. The tour also includes many upgrade options, including a helicopter flight and an open-air Hummer ground tour.

Caratteristiche del Margine meridionale:

  • Proprietà: Parco Nazionale del Grand Canyon
  • Altitudine: 7.000 piedi/2.134 metri
  • Profondità dal margine al fondo: 5.000 piedi/1.524 metri
  • Distanza tra la gola: 10-18 miglia/16-29 chilometri
  • Temperatura media sul margine: 80 °F in estate, 50 °F in inverno/25 °C in estate, 10 °C in inverno
  • Temperatura della gola interna: 100 °F in estate, 60 °F in inverno/38 °C in estate, 16 °C in inverno
  • Media di visitatori all'anno: 5 milioni
  • Distanza da Las Vegas:
    • In auto - Circa 5,5 ore
    • In aereo - Circa 1 ora - 1 ora e 10 minuti
    • Elicottero - Non disponibile

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